Submit Music

Thank you for your interest in New Age Radio!

The Free Package

If you want to submit your music to us for airtime play, you are always wlecomed to do so. The free, nonpromotion package, requires you to please keep the following in mind:

  • Send an email to and letting us know how to download your music.
  • Be aware that music must be new age based to be added to the station lineup.
  • Also, be aware that we can be very picky about what we play and don’t play – don’t take it personally. Just because we don’t include something for airtime play doesn’t mean we think your music sucks!
  • Also, be aware that if we do play your music, the music will be added only for a short period of time to the station…
  • Please keep in mind that we do follow DMCA rules. 

The New Age Radio Promotion Package

The following promotion package is currently $47. It includes:

  • Your most recent album on New Age Radio for a whole month. It will start playing within 24 hours. Please keep in mind that we do follow DMCA rules. 
  • Some of your tracks may be included in the permanent playlist on the station.
  •  1 Honest Review! This will be added to the Blog and you’ll be free to distribute it anywhere you want or use it in your promotional material as you like. It may take up to a week to write and post your review.
  • Your name will be added to the Artists section of the website for as long as we play your music (includng permanent potiental). This will usually be done in 24 hours and will link to a web page of your choice.

After you pay, please send your music to:
info [at]

It’s best to send a link where it can be downloaded directly, but you may also send MP3 files.


Music sent that is not New Age in nature will be promptly refunded and the music will not play nor will a review be done.