Review of Solace Road

A Review of the Album Solace Road

Review of Solace RoadSolace Road is an oasis of instrumental vibes. The simplicity of the album cover explains it all. On the cover is a lonely street surrounded by trees. The street is symbolic of being a path in life that anyone might travel and that many probably have. 

There are ten tracks, and each track tells its own story and has a meaning and purpose. 

The tone of the album is set right away with the longest track, Translucence. This track gives off an upbeat tempo, yet provides a calm sense in the background. 

The Pondering Soul is next. This is a track that oozes spirituality. A background sound of water splashing around gives a sense of meditation.

Through the Whist Lands is much different from the previous two tracks. It easily stands out from the rest of the album. What makes this track so unique is the way it comes across. Imagine being in open land with swirling wind oozing all around. It sounds rather simple but manages to give off a futuristic vibe.

From a futuristic sound to a slower and sadder theme, Memories is the 4th track off the album. This track is cleverly and strategically placed by the Artist. It foreshadows what is still to come.

As the journey continues, the next step along the way is called Spectral Journey. A soothing, relaxing, walk along the path is the thoughts and feelings this track brings across.  

Painted Emotions can easily be compared with Memories. What separates both is the balance that the artist manages to strike. At times happy and at other times sad, these are real emotions that everyone struggles with in life. The artist manages to convey this very well. 

On a lighter tone is Lucid Dreams. This track manages to stay on a single consistent tone. It is a tone of control, staying the path no matter how difficult or off-track things become.

More than halfway into the album, it manages to continue to keep the listener connected and engaged on its spiritual journey. 

In the Hour of Yesterday is the second-longest track of the album, and it too makes a statement.  This is not an upbeat track, but points in the direction of the path coming to an end. It also conveys a reflective mood, and what would a journey be without reflecting on it? 

This sentiment is carried right into Introspection. Continuing from In the Hour of Yesterday, the tone of Introspection is pretty much the same. It feels like it is about the examination of one’s own mental and emotional processes. Having back-to-back tracks that focus on so much observation says a lot about the artist. 

The Requiescence is the final track. A journey filled with many emotions finally ends. A sense of victory is the focus of this track, and after a long journey, it is now time to rest. 

In all, this is a delightful New Age Album that takes listeners on a journey that includes an exploration of the emotions of peace, comfort, joy, support, and relief. 

If you are interested in purchasing Solace Road or hearing samples of it, you may do so at BandCamp.


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