Top 20 Best New Age Artists of All Time

December 2019 – Top Twenty New Age Artists

It takes a special and unique person to be a New Age Artist. In a genre that is mostly known for its relaxing music, these individuals are considered to be the best of the best in creating and evoking not only the feeling of relaxation, but other intense emotions. They do this through their musical compositions and performances. Many have their own personal strong spiritual belief system that guides them, but regardless of if that is true or not, all of the performers on this list deserve to be recognized as being great.

As such, we do our very best to keep at least some of the songs of these artists in heavy rotation on the station along with other more well known and popular New Age songs.

With that in mind, these are the current Top Twenty New Age Artists of All Time as of December 1st, 2019.

Please note that we check for updates to this list monthly, usually near the end of the month. On months when there have been changes that have occurred to the list, a new top twenty will be posted. During those months in which there have been no changes to the list, an update will not appear.

How did we go about picking the Top Twenty Artists? We did it with the help of another website.

In fact, this list was created with the help of Ranker.Com.

If you do not like this list or do not agree with this list, consider heading over to Ranker.Com and visit their “The Very Best New Age Artists” page. Here you can vote for or add your favorite artist to the list. You can also down vote those artists who you don’t believe deserve to be at their position on the list. Finally, you can create your own list, which Ranker.Com will from time to time use in conjunction with other data to revise their list.

  1. Enya
  2. Vangelis
  3. Kitaro
  4. Yanni
  5. Ney Angelis
  6. Enigma
  7. Jean Michel Jarre
  8. Loreena McKennitt
  9. David Arkenstone
  10. Mike Oldfield
  11. Secret Garden
  12. Era
  13. Jon Anderson
  14. Tangerine Dream
  15. Arpan Sen
  16. George Winston
  17. 2002
  18. Eloy Fritsch
  19. Andreas Vollenweider
  20. Diane Arkenstone

When you break down the voting by generation, you begin to see some slight and small differences, especially when it comes to who deserves to be number one on the list. In the case of the Millenials, they currently prefer to place Kitaro at the top of the list. Generation Xers, on the other hand, prefer Loreena McKennitt as their number one choice for all time best New Age artist. The Baby Boomer generation will tell you that Yanni deserve to be number one and considered the best.

Likewise, when you break down the votes by gender you’ll find that men tend to prefer Vangelis (another man) as number one whereas women would rather Enya (another female) be placed in the top position.

Of course, this is all just splitting hairs, as all the mentioned artists appear in the top ten.


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