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Though current contractual laws prohibit us from advertising your company over the air, we will gladly create and post for your company a 300 x 600 banner ad and post it on our website’s sidebar.

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About Our Listeners

The typical New Age music fan is female with above average income, a positive outlook on life, and an interest in meditation.


* Enjoys instrumental music
* Enjoys synths/electronic music
* Uses music to create a positive atmosphere

* Has a general awareness of environmental issues
* Is likely into the New Age religion: Which includes such things as crystals, magick, astrology, and psychics.

Our listeners are:

* 19-49 years of age
* 61% Female
* 85% White

The following are some addition facts about our listeners:

* 72% Are Not Parents
* 63% Believe in a Higher Power
* 56% Seldom Attend Religious Services
* 68% Meditate Weekly
* 87% thinks homosexuality should be accepted
* 66% thinks the government should help the less fortunate
* 77% want more done for environment
* 62% focus on peace and wellbeing