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About Us

New Age Radio focuses on New Age Music.

We play this music 24 hours a day without commerical interruption. We do a brief station ID and announce our sponsor now and again troughout the day, but other then that our focus is on the music.

Here’s the problem. New Age Music has no proper coherent definition. In fact, an article in Billboard magazine in 1987 commented that “New Age music may be the most startling successful non-defined music ever to hit the public consciousness.”

New Age Music includes the subgenres of Adult Alternative, Ambient, Celtic, Contemporary Instrumental, Environmental, Ethnic Fusion, Healing, Meditation, Nature, Neo-Classical, New Thought, Progressive Alternative, Progressive Electronic, Relaxation, Self-Help, Shamanic, Solo Instrumental, Space, Spiritual, Techno-Tribal, and Yoga.

Some popular New Age Artists include Enya, Vangelis, Kitaro, Yanni, and Enigma.

This music typically has one of two purposes.

  1. To create a meditative, healing, contemplative, or peaceful atmosphere
  2. To create positive feelings such as happiness, joy, and inspiration.

This is the music we love and we hope you’ll love it too.

If you want to find out more about New Age Music be sure to read our article “What is New Age Music?


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